How to convert a standard car into a campervan? Moreover, within just a few minutes? The answer is Egoé. We are introducing several innovations, the low conversion kit for estate cars being just one of them.

The biggest innovation of this year is the conversion kit Nestboard which has been developed specifically for estate cars. And directly for the most popular ones like Škoda Octavia and Superb or Volkswagen Golf and Passat. The basic part is the low extractable module which serves as a worktop with a sink and a cooker but can be used as a dining desk as well. The extractable kitchen module has a water bag which can serve as a solar shower as well as board games at the bottom side of the worktop.

The conversion kit for estate cars has been given a concrete price tag: 2 666 – 2 940 € excluding VAT.

Another news is the innovation of the Nestbox Roamer. It takes the best from the first generation. Nestbox Roamer is easy to fix by four standard anchor points. The mattresses and bed support frames have been designed with several variants according to the type of the car. The mattresses are six centimetres high and consist of several layers. The bottom side is made from an easily washable slip resistant material, and can be, for example, laid onto grass. 

Nestbox Roamer 2.0 boasts cleverly designed storage space for a kitchen knife and a chopping board, textile bags for spice jars and many more practical features. The conversion kit gained several improvements for the upcoming travel season. It can hold a fridge with a volume of 25 litres, has four USB ports and an upgraded cooker. Orders for the new generation of Nestbox Roamer can also be placed immediately.

For those who need four sleeping places when travelling, Egoé is preparing a solution. It is a rooftop tent offering two sleeping spaces with a total width of 140 cm.