Extend your product portfolio

Extend your product portfolio

with our globally supported camping box.

How to convert your car into a camper in few minutes? Nestbox and Nestboard from Egoé is the solution.
  • 8 years experience in design, production, sales and after-sales
  • 1200 pieces produced annualy with further expansion
  • multiple-times awarded product – Red Dot Award, Good Design
  • ability to offer solutions for all possible cars from estate cars to vans
  • sales support – online campaigns, exhibitions, media coverage
  • technical and marketing support for all distributors
Nestboard & Nestbox from Egoé

Nestboard & Nestbox from Egoé

How does it work?

  • box can be easily installed (two people needed)
  • box is considered as regular freight, no need to apply for homologation
  • box is secured by 4 certified straps
  • installation does not reduce passenger capacity, seating is kept in place
  • cooker module, water module, storage and working space included
  • additional fridge or cooling bag option according to a car type

Egoé facility

  • 30 years experience in development, construction and production
  • 8 million EUR turnover, 340 employees
  • everything produced and assembled in Bílovice, Czech Republic
  • Egoé plus (roofing, shelter, noise barriers, street furniture) division
  • Egoé Life (outdoor furniture) and Egoé Move (skis) division

The idea is only the beginning. For the implementation to succeed, a long team effort is needed. Development, production, marketing, sales. These are all parts of our journey. We believe that ideas make products...