This March marks the introduction of new and improved versions of the Nestbox Supertramp. This popular camping kit variant is compatible with off-road vehicles such as the Mercedes G, Jeep Wrangler, etc. Heading out for adventure has never been easier despite today’s complications.

My name is Black 

Sleeping under the open sky wherever our hearts or navigation take us. Living the life of an adventurer, but in style. That's exactly what the new Supertramp offers. This Nestbox variant is being offered for the first time in an exclusive design, all black. The solid black box version adds to your camping trip a certain hallmark of luxury.

The foundation remains. The box body still features the cooker and water modules, and space remains for the refrigerator. Nor did we leave out the grate and mattress that were adapted to the size of Nestbox. The new Supertramp underwent primarily technical innovations, aiming to increase the functionality and durability of the entire camping kit. 

Now the Nestbox is only 940 mm wide, so it easily fits into cars having a narrower opening of the rear tailgate or hatch. The box structure includes steel sheet side panels, which, compared to those of the original plywood, make Nestbox far more resilient. Another innovation concerns the arrangement of the camping kit itself. Our classic configuration of camping kits has the stove placement on the left and the fridge on the right. With the new generation Supertramp, we offer the possibility of choosing a mirrored variant, accommodating which way your vehicle hatch or tailgate opens. 

The installation was also made a few centimeters deeper, allowing us to add storage space. The water module gained space for stowing away cups and mugs. And we created space at the cooker module where we placed a removable cutlery box. 

Conversely, we reduced the camping kit height. The decrease of 30 mm contributes to even more comfortable use of the kit, and mainly provides more sleeping space in the vehicle. 

The new Supertramp will be the ideal partner for travelers wanting to experience the feeling of supreme comfort and a touch of luxury.