The concentrated and long-term cooperation with the designers from studio 519 who develop products for Egoé nest has literally reaped its award. The Red Dot: Best of the Best is the highest prize to be received in the prestigious international competition. It is awarded to mere 1.5 % of all the registered products each year, making it an equivalent of the Oscars for design.

The international jury of experts in the field of product design has awarded the prize to the camping car assembly Egoé Nestbox with accessorie. The kit can turn a simple van into a full-fledged camping car in a matter of minutes. It provides you with a bed equipped with a comfortable mattress, portable cooker, mobile refrigerator, wash basin with running water and efficiently designed storage space. The assembly has already been put to good use by travellers who prefer independence and wild nature to mainstream tourism and living in hotels. Nestbox is becoming popular not only in Czechia and Slovakia but also in many countries of Western Europe as well as in South Korea.

Studio 519 is also the author of two more designs acknowledged by the Red Dot Design Award jury. The Red Dot also went to the set comprised of minimalist slalom skisEgoé Dip SLwith the engraving of the brand logotype and theMaggot ski bag – the product of Egoé move.

The third Red Dot goes to the unique concept of noise barrier noba digi mini (product of mmcité+), whose sound wave absorption layer is made from used car tyres and which also serves as canvas for creative graphic work, the elements of which are inspired by the aesthetic of digital displays.

This triple success confirms the good quality of Czech product design and the potential our companies have in the international context.

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