Making a beautiful, practical and high-quality camper car assembly for vans and off-road vehicles was a huge challenge, but we have known for some time that climbing this summit will not be enough.

The goal was clear - to create a car assembly that transforms an MPV, SUV or even a wagon into a full-fledged camper car with comfort as the ultimate consideration. In the beginning, it may have seemed pie-in-the-sky but the dream has come true. Nestbox Camper, our smallest car assembly is here!

A folding bed base with a comfortable mattress made of the easy-to-clean Mystic AquaClean fabric, a water module with a suction pump and gas cookers all form the foundation of a home away from that Nestbox Camper transforms your car into. You can enhance it with practical accessories, ranging from a cooler bag to pillows with storage space to an outdoor axe attached to the cabinet. The system is very easy and intuitive to unfold, fold and maintain, all parts of the assembly fit together perfectly. Not a bit of space is wasted.

Nestbox Camper is simply without compromises. It opens up incredible possibilities and transforms an ordinary meadow or beach into a private kitchen or bedroom. It will be the place where unforgettable experience happens during your travels. Whether you're driving a Volvo XC 60, a Ford Galaxy or a Skoda Superb Estate, you can start writing this new experience book today. For more information and a full list of car models that can accommodate Camper, please visit here. Come explore the world. Free and on your own terms.