Stove with two cartridges, water pouch, pump, sink, table and storage spaces. We managed to squeeze all of that into a 18-centimetre-high cabinet. We had all the right reasons for the development of the camping modul Nestboard. It can work in compact station wagons and if you have a bigger vehicle, you can get a good-sized bed and a lot of space above your head.

Nestboard is this year’s novelty. It reflects eight years of modular camping development, manufacturing and practical experience. Compared to Nestbox, Nestboard offers a completely different solution. While it fills the complete floor plan of the luggage compartment, the low height of the cabinet leaves more space for your luggage. As long as you leave the mattress base and mattress at home, Nestbox itself doesn’t get in the way even in normal use.

The new camping module attracts one‘s attention with the design of the pull-out section, where the stove, water pouch, pump, sink and chopping board are placed. It serves as a work surface and dining table at the same time. The use of industrial slides guarantees maximum strength. When fully extended, it can bear a load of up to 200 kilograms. Configurable storage spaces and installed board games are just some of the remarkable details.

When it comes to sleeping, Nestboard solution is already known from the Nestbox concept – folding base and mattress. The basic layout creates a 100 x 200 centimetres bed that can be broaden in the shoulder area up to 130 centimetres. The mattress is 6 centimetres thick. The greatest benefit of Nestboard sleeping and living is its low build. Even in a compact passenger van, you can sit-up on the bed.

There are two versions of Nestbox. The first price for a fully-equiped module is 2 666 € (excluding VAT). The price for the second version, that includes the possibility to broaden the shoulder area and side mattresses, is CZK 2 940 € (excluding VAT). The weight is 61,5 kg. The colour options are black, orange and blue.