About us

About us

Spending time outdoors is natural. Even though we like to return to our homes and have a roof over our heads, we like escaping from them just as much, whether to the terrace, the garden, or beyond - to the woods, mountains or lakes.

We love being outdoors. Our goal now is to make you follow our example. Close up your office and leave all stress behind. Take a breath of fresh air, observe ever-changing Nature and cleanse your mind.  In short, do all the things the world without walls can offer.

We love creativity and seeking new challenges. It’s in our DNA. The core of our team consists of a group of designers from the Designcité+ Studio. The Studio is focused on designing and delivering installations in transport infrastructure. Our job requires concentration on every detail, which is why the same people design furniture both for transport infrastructure and outdoor furniture. We must imagine real people, their tastes and needs behind these products.

Attractive appearance and practicality are not enough. Outdoor conditions are sometimes far from ideal. Our products must survive the harshest weather conditions. Therefore, the quality of all materials and uncompromising manufacture are of vital importance. As we believe in the skills of Czech craftsmen, we do not import any semi-products. All our products are made in the Czech Republic in our home area, in Bílovice or neighbourhood.

As the name of our company suggests, we do everything we can (more or less) for ourselves.  We create items that are missing in the market. We make products that we ourselves want to use when staying outdoors. We are demanding in respecting several key principles, as you too should be:


This is where the story of our Nestbox begins. When one of our workmates bought a caravan, he was eager to travel. However, on his first trip he encountered plenty of restrictions. One of the nightmares was parking. He saw numerous parking lots where access was either denied or his vehicle was too big to enter. Underground parking was literally a taboo and, in many cities, parking caravans was prohibited. These unpleasant experiences led to the idea of creating our Nestbox.

Camping and Freedom – two things that cannot exist without each other. One would expect in planning a trip you want to look forward to seeing new places, rather than solving parking issues. I think that nobody wants to have his or her adventure spoilt by inadequate accommodation or perpetual worries about check-out time. I think that nobody likes all the useless restrictions such as management rules. Do you spot a scenic lake near the road? Well, make a stopover, stay there overnight and enjoy idyllic moments spent outdoors. 

Flexibility and simplicity

Freedom without flexibility is nearly impossible. Do you need a car? No problem, you have one! Do you need a caravan? OK, let’s create one! You can use your car all year long as transport to work or for routine travel, but before a holiday you set up the Nestbox. This smart module will convert your vehicle into a full-fledged camper, which will open the gates to all camp sites and parking lots worldwide. The steps you have to take before setting out on a trip are minimal: folding and unfolding the Nestbox, which takes a matter of a couple of minutes. And what about the obligatory vehicle documentation? No problem!  Czech Law regards a built-in module as luggage, so you do not have to make any changes to your technical documentation. 

Parking the vehicle does not require any special effort. You just stop and pull up the handbrake. A great advantage is that all module elements can easily be uninstalled and used outside your vehicle. When crossing the Triglav National Park, our colleague Honza and his girlfriend were caught in heavy rain. It started when the two were about to make a meal. No problem! They drove their car to a sheltered tourist lay-by, along with the entire kitchenette. They made their lunch while enjoying scenic views of the turquoise water. Unfold the table and chairs from Nestblock before a breath-taking view, take Nestpillow to put under your head when on the beach, make a comfortable seat from Nestmattress and live outdoors. Do it your way – without useless restrictions.

Quality and materials

When your journey is long, you need to have top-quality equipment on which you can absolutely rely. All our materials are resistant, comfortable, easy to clean and maintain. The combination of appropriate materials for each module is a critical factor. Especially when parking in a rugged terrain, the module must not collapse and all items must be easy to open. To maintain the quality of the equipment, we do not hesitate to use special materials offering unique features.

We keep an eye on the entire process to ensure that each product is perfect. We thoroughly test all products. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to travel thousands of kilometres to ensure that everything works as it should. Only after we are totally satisfied, do we offer a specific model to you.  


We have not overlooked anything. Therefore, the module is fixed to the vehicle by four DEKRA-certified fastening belts. Each belt was tested for a load of 220 kg, so you can rely on them under any circumstances. There must be no “what if”.


We see each product as a new challenge. All our products must be practical and attractive to look at. Moreover, because this product is supposed to be your substitute home when travelling, you must feel comfortable when using it. Bearing this in mind, our aim is to offer you a simple non-invasive design, which does not compete with the surroundings. A design that perceives, respects and highlights the surroundings.

Would you like to learn more?

We have multiple showrooms in Europe where you can visit us. As for the North America, come to see us in Denver area where you can learn more about our products or read our company magazine.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We reply to all enquiries. We will surely find a method to meet your expectations. The world is waiting out there!