A new type of camper conversion kit re-created from the ground up. Significant functional and visual redesign of existing products. And most of all, the possibility to fit into smaller cars‘ boots. We managed all that in 2022.

From the first glance the new kit is distinguishable from the Nestbox series. The aim was to keep the comfort, but significantly lower the body size. The result is a 18-centimetre-high cabinet which offers the possibility of cooking and contains a water pouch with a pump and a sink. Nestboard can fit into compact station wagons or offer generous space in larger vehicles.

The new kit impresses with the design of the pull-out section, where the stove, water pouch, pump and sink are placed. It serves as a work surface and dining table at the same time. When it comes to sleeping, the Nestboard solution is already known as it is the same concept of  the Nestbox using folding bases and mattress. The basic layout creates a 200-centimetre-long bed.

Innovation in the largest kit
The Nestbox family has been a part of the Egoé portfolio for six years. It comes in various series based on the size. Our flagship, the Nestbox Roamer kit, underwent an upgrade. A larger 25-litre fridge can now be accommodated. The number of USB sockets has increased to four. The stove and workspace lighting have also been improved. The innovation has had an impact on the shape and colour scheme, too.

Inspiration Tour 2023
To keep on working with the Nestboard kit concept. That is the task for our designers and engineers. To design a version that is both more compact and a modular system that can be adapted to your needs. We will see next year how that turned out. Before the new season starts, new kits Roamer 400 and 440 will be available. During the year, our portfolio will also feature its own roof tent.